Efficiently heating a large space such as a warehouse presents challenges related to the structure of the building and the layout of the storage facilities within it. Getting it wrong can result in uneven distribution of heat, making it uncomfortable for the people who work there and increasing running costs by wasting energy.

Let our Experts Help You

If you are looking for a warehouse heating solution specifically tailored to your needs, Bottell can install and maintain a powerful, environment-friendly system. We have specialist engineers ready to give you the widest possible choice in helping you determine the best way to keep your staff warm.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our expertise as warehouse heating contractors enables us to offer you the best of both worlds. As well as specialising in commercial electrical work (Bottell Electrical), we also offer a broad range of gas-based services (Bottell Heating and Plumbing). All our engineers are qualified and experienced.

Value and Reliability

We operate throughout the North West and take pride in our profession, offering a quality, dependable service as we work closely with our clients, and we guarantee to meet or exceed all safety regulations while providing warehouse heating solutions. So for a highly-competitive quote, get in touch with us now on 07813 686475.


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